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Design Consultation

Years of industry experience combined with an in-depth understanding of the requirements of Critical Environments gives CEPro a unique approach to assisting our customers with the design of their new critical environment facility.

CEPro stays current with the latest publication and/or guidelines that determine the specific requirements of your critical space. Whether it is BMBL for Bio-Research Facilities, or USP<797> for Pharmacy Clean Rooms, CEPro knows and understand what is required for your facility, and knows how to match those facility requirements with your operational needs.

CEPro has extensive experience with the design, construction, commissioning, certification, and operational support of various types of critical facilities. We serve numerous clients in various capacities, depending on the specific needs of each customer. Some of our services have included,

Initial assessment of existing facility conditions to determine feasibility of locating critical area within an existing space
Space programming to define specific needs and requirements of the space
Design/Space Layout (Floor Plan) including design of supporting areas
Critical Flow Diagrams to define traffic patterns in support of operational SOP's
Mechanical System Design to include mechanical system selection, HEPA filtration requirements, air-flow diagrams, ACH requirements to meet ISO Standards, and dependencies on existing system/facilities
Specification Development
Construction Management/Consulting

[drafting] CEPro is capable and willing to serve in any of these capacities on your project, including a turn-key solution for your critical environment construction project, depending upon your needs. I am confident that CEPro's involvement in your project will be invaluable, regardless of the capacity you choose us to fill.

Design Consultation

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...ensuring the function of your facility meets the requirements of your operations.

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