Michael Kosinski



Mike founded CEPro in 2007 with a vision to provide a level of service previously unavailable in the industry. Having worked in the construction industry for nearly 20 years, Mike saw gaps in the Design/Bid/Build process that were left unfilled in nearly every critical project. These gaps resulted in projects that ultimately did not meet the OPR (Owner’s Project Requirements), which led to change orders and delays in project schedules, proving that the VE process in a project is more often Value Elimination instead of Value Engineering when performed by a group that does not have a thorough understanding of the OPR. 

Mike’s drive for excellence, knowledge and expertise gave him the impetus to launch CEPro. He assembled a team of the most dedicated, knowledgeable and skilled people in the industry. This team of experts gives CEPro a breadth of capabilities that can be applied to any or all projects based on the unique needs of each client. 

CEPro’s unique innovative delivery methodology provides clients with a single point of accountability that drives waste and redundancy out of the design/build process. From the initiation and testing of new facilities to repair, maintenance, training, engineering services, compliance audits, operations support, project management and more for new and existing facilities, CEPro’s integrated “Single Source Solutions” approach delivers distinct advantages for our clients.

Under Mike’s leadership, CEPro has become a recognized leader in providing world-class services to the higher education, healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and manufacturing industries. 

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