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Bioresearch facilities are among the most complex containment facilities to design and operate. The operational intent, design and construction, proper commissioning and equipment certification must be fully understood. In addition, protecting people, assets and the environment from exposure and cross-contamination is vital and also subject to strict regulatory requirements.

With decades of experience in the field and a deep understanding of laboratory facilities, we know how to stay abreast of regulations, safety concerns, efficiency and sustainability opportunities. We implement solutions that best meet the comprehensive needs of each laboratory project. CEPro is your single-source, turnkey provider of integrated laboratory solutions.

CEPro Ensures Biosafety in Laboratories

CEPro understands the unique and stringent requirements of a bioresearch facility, and we know how to apply technologies to meet those requirements. Our comprehensive understanding of the CDC/NIH Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL) publication enables us to apply facility systems operations that meet the owner’s requirements.

We understand that in a bioresearch facility, the facility itself is a primary protection barrier, and proper construction and operation of that facility is critical to the protection of the public outside of the building as well as the occupants within the building.

CEPro’s experienced personnel meet the unique needs of your project through planning, design reviews, interaction with design professionals, construction verification, facility performance testing, and all other relevant field, office and technical activities.

Our Wide Range of Laboratory Services  

For new facilities:

  1. Development of Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR), including space planning/programming
  2. Development of the facility’s sequence of operation
  3. Design consultation/review
  4. Mechanical system design, including mechanical system selection, HEPA filtration requirements, airflow diagrams, air changes per hour (ACH) requirements and dependencies on existing systems/facilities
  5. Contractor qualification
  6. Enhanced commissioning
  7. Building Automation System
  8. Test and balance
  9. Pressure decay testing
  10. Facility certification
  11. Routine maintenance planning and management
  12. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) development
  13. Critical flow diagrams to define traffic patterns in support of operational SOPs
  14. Construction management/consulting

For existing facilities, CEPro performs an assessment to determine if the facility meets the requirements of the BMBL for bioresearch facilities. As part of this assessment, we undertake:

  1. Architectural design review to ensure acceptable methods of ingress and egress
  2. Design review to ensure systems meet requirements for BSL-3 facilities, including mechanical and BAS/controls, electrical and plumbing
  3. Completion of airflow assessment/test and balance
  4. Creation of a facility floor plan to document all the above
  5. Verification of the mechanical system sequence of operations per the specifications, including “bubble-tight” damper operation

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