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The Importance of Infection Control

Developing a comprehensive environmental compliance infection and quality control strategy is vital. Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are contracted by patients in healthcare facilities while they are receiving treatment for another condition. About 1 in 25 or 2 million patients develops an infection related to hospital care, causing serious medical, emotional and financial consequences. HAIs are responsible for approximately 100,000 deaths in the United States and cost the healthcare system billions of dollars annually. *

Airborne impurities in the environment are believed to be the major source for HAIs. Reducing pathogens in the air not only reduces airborne transmission, but it also reduces surface contamination. If your healthcare facility does not have the staff to properly test, inspect and remediate critical functional spaces and related systems, partner with CEPro to help protect patients and personnel. For a low investment and high return, CEPro facilitates or assists in managing your infection control process.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals added numerous negative pressure isolation rooms for contagious patients. Such rooms are designed to prevent contaminants and viruses from airborne infectious diseases from spreading throughout the facility. CEPro worked with more than 50% of the hospitals in Chicago to build isolation rooms or convert existing rooms to help prevent the migration of the airborne COVID virus.

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Infection Prevention/Control (IP/C) Process

CEPro offers infection control consulting services and expert ventilation compliance consulting. We test, adjust and remediate critical environments and systems to ensure compliant functionality and accreditation within the operations of healthcare facilities.

When you partner with CEPro, you get a partner that provides your organization with a multi-tiered approach between the Environment of Care (EOC) facilities operations and infection control.

  1. Education and Collaboration
  2. IP/C Risk Assessment and Inventory
    1. Identification of critical function space and systems
    2. Environment of care virtual tour
  3. Compliance Testing
    1. Testing scope, frequency and pass-fail criteria agreement
    2. Quality management toolset
  4. Correction of Deficiencies
    1. Expediting, developing and implementing a Plan of Correction (POC)
    2. Re-balancing
    3. Calibration of automation, temperature and ventilation controls
    4. Design, budget, build larger compliance deficiencies
    5. Updating of new construction/renovation documents, commissioning, process support
    6. Focus on energy efficiency
    7. Continuous commissioning
  5. Closing the Loops
    1. Documentation/drawings (hard copy and/or online)
    2. Training on tool use
    3. Pre-survey preparedness for accreditation
    4. Process review
    5. Documentation of success metrics

CEPro Turnkey Environmental Compliance

With decades of HVAC design, test/balance, controls and cleanroom expertise, the CEPro team is able to accurately identify environmental compliance concerns, develop testing protocols, repair system failures and provide comprehensive documentation proving compliance.

CEPro provides total end-to-end compliance services. We offer you the following bundled infection control services or any combination that is appropriate for your facility and budget:

Rooms: Asset recording of doors, seals/sweeps, closures, air diffusers and flow patterns, ceiling types, pressures, air changes, controls and building automation system (BAS) calibration, and repair/rebalance

Ventilation Systems: HEPA filtration, duct/diffuser cleanliness, temperature and humidity balancing, duct leakage, capacity issues, setback controls, overall operations functionality and repair/rebalance

Local Monitoring/Alarms: Clean/check sensor probes, calibrate sensors, validate control loop operations, verify alarm parameter settings and update technology

Equipment Certification: Concurrently certify laboratory and pharmacy equipment while providing compliance testing of spaces

AHJ Surveys: Survey preparedness and Plan of Correction development and implementation 

Documentation: Comprehensive, pass/fail standards-based criteria codes, data overlaid on floor plan/room drawings, easy to navigate. Hard copy and/or cloud-based formats. 

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