Facility Assessment

Whether you are having problems with the temperature in an office, pressurization swings in your blood bank, or excessive noise in a teaching lab, CEPro's expert staff can perform a thorough assessment of the building systems, identify the source of the issue, and make recommendations to remediate those issues. CEPro can also assemble a team of experts to implement those fixes to provide to you a "turn-key" solution to your facility issues.

With the complexity of the facilities being designed and built today, it is difficult to find someone who understands how all of the complex building systems work together who can help with these types of issues. CEPro has decades of experience in working with extremely complex building systems, and understands how each of those systems must interact with the other to provide to you, the owner, a building that operates as it was intended, consistently and efficiently.

When it comes to Critical Environments such as Bio-Research Facilities, Vivariums, Cleanrooms, or Chemical "Wet Labs", the systems become increasingly complex and critical. Stable control in a Critical Environment is not an option, it is a must. Variance in pressurization can lead to loss of containment in a BSL-3 Lab, variance in temperature can result in patient discomfort in a Hospital Isolation Room, variance in air flow can result in inadequate face velocity on a fume hood and inadvertent exposure of a lab occupant to unsafe chemicals. In any event, stability is a must.

CEPro will evaluate the design to insure that the systems designed can meet your operating requirements. CEPro will then evaluate the installed systems to insure they are operating as needed to meet those requirements. If the system design cannot meet your operating requirements, CEPro will make recommendations to repair, replace or upgrade to systems that will meet those requirements.

Facility Assessment

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...ensuring the function of your facility meets the requirements of your operations.

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